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Phageborn tcg – Battleground preview

The world of Issilith is a world filled with interesting and dangerous locations. The battlegrounds you will be playing on will be a part of the world, each with their own little story, hints of which can be found in the environmental details.
One of these locations is the Vast Marsh, the largest marshland in the realm, an area riddled with traces of extinct tribes and civilizations. On the border between the Vast Marsh and the Cursed Woods, the Lanni found their capital city of Syrafogia, a beautiful city that was a marvel of Lanni landscape art.
Lanni Nourisher
This specific battleground is the city’s central square. This was once a sprawling city where the Lanni and Vestige lived together, ruled by the Lanni queen Saracana. This peace would quickly start fading with the birth of the Phageborn. 
While the madness spread through the Vestige civilization, the Lanni were unaffected. This caused the normally pacifist Lanni to forcefully exile Vestige witches that were threatening the population. These actions were, however, not going to pass without consequences.

The Vestige high queen Arianna wanted revenge. She conjured a new curse to unleash upon the population of Syrafogia. She then took her army and launched an assault on the city. As her army approached the main gate of the city, they unleashed elemental magic to wear the gate down. This magic was beyond the capabilities of Lanni witches, and they were powerless to stop this assault. They had no choice but to evacuate the city, with the soldiers and queen Saracana staying behind to protect the fleeing civilians.

Lanni Swiftblade

With every step Arianna took, the land and architecture around her started deteriorating- she was cursing the land itself. Saracana never thought their madness would escalate to such heights. She mustered all of her might to slow the invader down, but she could only watch as her soldiers started withering as well, with small deadwood creatures sprouting from their corpses. She ordered the rest of the soldiers to run and secure the civilians. She sheltered their escape, but even she couldn’t last long against the dark magic of the High Queen of the Vestige.

Arianna was impressed by her devotion and self-sacrifice and decided that her death would be enough for her, as that would send a clear enough message to the rest of the Lanni; their kind is no longer welcome here.

This was indeed the turning point for the Lanni civilization. They gathered as much specimen of flora and fauna that were still untouched by the spreading corruption and moved to find another safe haven all for themselves.

All that is left of their former capital city is this Derelict Square.



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