Dev blog #14 Monetization Plan Reveal

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Phageborn will feature gameplay content – cards and avatars – that will only be unlockable by playing. This means we will be adopting a premium, buy-to-play monetization model. Why are we doing this? We wanted to do something a bit different for our game, to make our gameplay be pure gameplay. Instead of playing to acquire random content you might … Continue Reading

Dev blog #12 The Many Keywords of Phageborn

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Phageborn has a lot of keywords. Some of them are faction specific, but most are general ones  that will appear all around the game. When designing keywords, we don’t wish to fundamentally change some basic gameplay functions, just expand upon them. Here is an overview of the ones featured in our gallery so far. ON PLAY An effect that happens … Continue Reading

Dev blog #11 Vestige Mechanics

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Vestige… once great guardians, their sense of „protection“ seems to have gone the wrong way. From the sneaky and devious Oblivion we move to, well, another sneaky and devious faction- the Vestige. They’re here for the long game. While they can afford to be patient, you might not have that freedom when facing the Vestige witches. Vestige are linked with … Continue Reading

Dev blog #10 Faction Flavor: Oblivion

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Oblivion… just their name alone gives me pause. Unknown entities from a world unlike any other… Moving on from the honourable and brute Drakkoriths we come to the scheming and devious Oblivion. What they lack in pure power they make up with cunning and preparedness caused by their environment of constant evolution and adaptation. Their link with another dimension gives … Continue Reading

Dev blog #9 Drakkorith Mechanics

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The Drakkorith are said to be unstoppable warriors. Learning their tactics will benefit me greatly. The Drakkorith. Disciplined. Loyal. Savage. They are unstoppable warriors that excel at melee combat. Their military prowess is unmatched. Their generals are legendary. Lets see how these qualities were transferred into cards. Drakkorith soldiers are disciplined and savage warriors. Brute strength is the name of … Continue Reading

Dev blog #8 Cosmetics

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Fashion… I guess it doesn’t hurt to look good while leading an army. Whether you want to show off your favourite Avatar or just want to add a bit of style to your gameplay, we have a little something for everyone. Every avatar will have their own unique set of skins for players to acquire. While there will be sets … Continue Reading

Dev blog #7 The Single Player Experience Plan

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This world has such a rich history, so many stories untold. These scriptures are a significant help to me, exploring the past of this ruined world. Along with traditional PvP modes, players can expect various single player experiences. This will come in the form of two single player modes, separate from multiplayer ones. These modes will keep the same basic … Continue Reading

Dev blog #6 Card types

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Essence and energy. Physical and metaphysical. Let’s see how these Avatars utilized their resources. We talked about the two resources, essence and energy. Now, let’s take a bit of time to talk about the cards that can be played with these resources. Essence can be used for only one card type- units. However, these are the meat of your deck. … Continue Reading

Dev blog #5 2v2 Game Mode

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Two Avatars, fighting side-by-side. Two forces of nature facing against two other. These battles must have been an incredible sight. Phageborn offers its own 2v2 game mode. In this mode, two players will each have their own avatar, their own decks, and their own resources, but share the same board and core health. Pair up with a friend or match … Continue Reading