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PHAGEBORN TCG – factions

The story of Phageborn TCG covers only a part of the larger story arc of the Phageborn universe. It begins with the arrival of the mysterious Visitor who came to the devastated realm of Issilith in order to find out the cause of the apocalypse. The lore of Phageborn TCG is based on events that […]

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We are an independent game development studio based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Much like our game characters, our relentless team members fight all kinds of evil, combining experience in different fields, sacrificing social life, risking relationships and friendships – all in order to deliver our first big game, Phageborn TCG.

Founded in late 2015, we started with just four members and are continuously expanding, providing jobs for experts and opportunities for juniors.

We build long-term relationships and quality games, combining passion and hard-working men... and also a few ladies :) We are all passionate gamers, which makes the game making process slightly easier and more fun.
We are determined to creating epic and insanely fun gaming experiences. Luckily, we know what gamers enjoy.

Although we are working on some other projects – all of our attention and strength is aimed at releasing the first playable version of Phageborn.

We look forward to showing you the result of our work!

If you want to get in touch with us, send us an email to