Dev blog #11 Vestige Mechanics

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Vestige… once great guardians, their sense of „protection“ seems to have gone the wrong way.

From the sneaky and devious Oblivion we move to, well, another sneaky and devious faction- the Vestige. They’re here for the long game. While they can afford to be patient, you might not have that freedom when facing the Vestige witches.

Vestige are linked with the nature of Issilith. They were once protectors of the world, but with their descent into madness, the nature around them twisted into horrible nightmarish figures. They yield their once protecting magic as weapons, and they’re ready to unleash nature’s fury upon any who dare oppose them. Just like nature, their power only grows with time.

While Oblivion are always full of options, Vestige seek to limit your options. This way they count on you making a mistake, misplacing a unit, miscasting a spell. They earn their advantage through forcing their opponents to make unfavourable trades and messing with their gameplan. And during this whole time, they will drain you of your most valuable resource – your Core health.

Their unique faction mechanic, acid, will whittle down the life of your foes. This mechanic will allow you to deal damage well above the curve, but it will take time to do so. Acid deals damage every turn, but reduces in potency every time it does so. It can be increased, adding even more potential damage. It can really put your opponent under pressure, but with swift intervention they can prevent the damage from racking up. And this is something you can count on. This is the kind of pressure you want to put them under. Make them play on your terms.

Patience is the name of the game for the Vestige. But this is also one of their weaknesses. They think they have the time to execute everything they want, but others will just be proactive and prevent you from setting up. Your growth is steady and powerful, but it still needs time. Time that you might not have.

When fighting Vestige, patience is not a virtue. Don’t hold back. Just make sure not to anger the wrong person, or you might end up suffering their curse for some time.

In the end, even their wicked magic couldn’t protect this world. But other factions still remain to be studied.