Dev blog #10 Faction Flavor: Oblivion

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Oblivion… just their name alone gives me pause. Unknown entities from a world unlike any other…

Moving on from the honourable and brute Drakkoriths we come to the scheming and devious Oblivion. What they lack in pure power they make up with cunning and preparedness caused by their environment of constant evolution and adaptation.

Their link with another dimension gives them access to otherworldly powers, allowing them to open small portals they can use to displace themselves or others. Their soldiers are not the most imposing ones, but they are numerous and cunning. For their Avatars, the end justifies the means.

If there is one thing the Oblivion never seem to lack, it’s options. They seem to have the right answer for any situation, no matter how new it is to them. This is mostly thanks to their power of mimicry. They can copy their opponent’s tactics and their very units. Some can even take control over lesser beings, and by Oblivion definition, that includes all of their enemies.

Fighting them is a very tricky thing. Oblivion always have some tricks up their sleeves. Or tentacles. They have a wide variety of ambush cards. Cast carefully, and cast responsibly- you never know when something will backfire because of Oblivion meddling.

Their Avatars also let their minions do the heavy lifting for them. They prefer using numerous ability cards to deal with major threats instead of exposing themselves to lethal backswing attacks from their enemies.

Their heavier focus on energy is also their weakness. They’ll often start running out of cards sooner than most others, and must seek ways of sustaining themselves more than other factions. Their minions are also often not the strongest warriors, relying more on numbers and weakening their enemies.

The Oblivion are truly a force to be reckoned with. Even when victory seems guaranteed, when its within reach, everything can change at a moment’s notice. Once reality itself starts to crumble, you’ll think twice before underestimating your opponent again.

These Oblivion remain an enigma. And all we’ve seen is a small part of them. But these next ones are native, maybe I’ll understand them better…