Dev blog #9 Drakkorith Mechanics

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The Drakkorith are said to be unstoppable warriors. Learning their tactics will benefit me greatly.

The Drakkorith. Disciplined. Loyal. Savage. They are unstoppable warriors that excel at melee combat. Their military prowess is unmatched. Their generals are legendary. Lets see how these qualities were transferred into cards.

Drakkorith soldiers are disciplined and savage warriors. Brute strength is the name of the game for them. Their leaders are known to join their troops on the front lines, bolstering their morale and resolve. This makes their unit cards among the best in the game for direct combat. They can tank hits from multiple enemy units before falling. They can wipe out multiple enemies in one swing. They control the flow of battle through combat. And their troops are not the only ones doing the heavy lifting.

Their Avatars are not afraid to deal with problems personally. They have a plethora of special attacks and attack modifiers to choose from, offering them great versatility. From clearing hordes of small critters to eliminating singular massive threats, Drakkorith Avatars will sacrifice their health to assist their troops. Some of their troops also directly benefit from frequent avatar attacks.

Because of this, investing extra points into leadership can go a long way. More Avatar health means more clearing potential. They have cards that scale well with high leadership levels as well.

But they are far from invincible. Their heavy emphasis on combat leaves them vulnerable to disruption, cards that might prevent attacks or prevent them from making favorable trades overall. Controlling your and their positioning can put them in a difficult spot.

With their Avatars eagerly attacking other units, they might find themselves a bit too low most of the time. Others can use this opportunity to gain some easy victory shout triggers.

Last but not least, I have a little spoiler for a card not yet featured in our gallery.

Combat Librarian is a meek Drakkorith unit, but with an effect that has incredible value potential. He rewards destroying local enemies in combat by giving you his Combat Notes. These are his unique energy cards that give some benefit. Also, being energy cards themselves, they are synergistic with other cards in the set. This card is a perfect fit for the Drakkorith, as his value generation is based around direct combat.

Truly mighty warriors. What they lacked in spellcasting they made up with brute force. Let’s see what I can learn from the others.