Dev blog #8 Cosmetics

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Fashion… I guess it doesn’t hurt to look good while leading an army.

Whether you want to show off your favourite Avatar or just want to add a bit of style to your gameplay, we have a little something for everyone.

Every avatar will have their own unique set of skins for players to acquire. While there will be sets of cosmetics, they will be fragmented into four parts, allowing you to mix and match various pieces of cosmetic.

Avatars will be able to equip helmets, armors, weapons, and some special element. Once you make your favourite custom set, you can save it. You can even customize which cosmetic set you want to use with a deck you’re building. There might be some additional non-gameplay features attached to skins, but more about that in a future blog.

Now, a bit more about the cards themselves. Want to bling out your collection? We’ll make sure your toil for foil doesn’t go without any spoils. You can earn premium versions of cards, as well as ways to transform cards of your choice into premium versions.

Premium versions may include full or extended card art, shiny foils… These are still in development, so we’ll have more information about card cosmetics at a later time.

There will be additional customization options for other parts of the game, such as new boards to play on, cards backs, and maybe even customizable deck boxes.

It’s important to mention that cosmetics will be just that – cosmetics. They won’t alter gameplay mechanics in any way. You won’t have any advantage or disadvantage when using any cosmetic option.

A welcome distraction from previous themes. I should look into more information about the great factions.