Dev blog #7 The Single Player Experience Plan

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This world has such a rich history, so many stories untold. These scriptures are a significant help to me, exploring the past of this ruined world.

Along with traditional PvP modes, players can expect various single player experiences. This will come in the form of two single player modes, separate from multiplayer ones. These modes will keep the same basic gameplay elements, but will give some twists to keep things different enough to be interesting and engaging.

One of such modes is the Nightmare Delve (name subject to change) where you will fight a set number of random enemies and minibosses, with a final boss awaiting you at the end. To help you prepare for each encounter, you will receive various upgrade options for your deck, specific cards and your avatar. Every time you play, there are certain parameters that are randomized and certain elements you can take over from a previous playthrough, offering a near endless amount of replayability.

The other single player mode is the campaign. Issilith is a ravaged world, and you will experience its former glory by looking into its past, delving deep into the memories of the world.

The base campaign will be centered around Anvi, the only human inhabitant of Issilith. You will follow Anvi through his adventures, learning about the past, present and future of the world and it’s inhabitants. Here, you will have a rich story mode with additional side content, such as specific character side missions and random events.

The campaign can be expanded even further, with an expansive world just waiting to be explored in numerous ways. This can happen in the form of additional story chapters, more character specific side missions, or completely new storylines, with new characters, new adventures, and so on.

However, these modes are still early in development and will be available at a later date.

…Anvi… I will return to my history lessons later, these scriptures are a more pressing concern, with key information. Such as this next one, something about… fashion?!