Dev blog #6 Card types

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Essence and energy. Physical and metaphysical. Let’s see how these Avatars utilized their resources.

We talked about the two resources, essence and energy. Now, let’s take a bit of time to talk about the cards that can be played with these resources.

Essence can be used for only one card type- units. However, these are the meat of your deck. These are the warriors that will carry you to victory, or at least help you greatly.

Energy, on the other hand, can be used to play three different types of energy cards. These are ability, ambush and special attack cards.

Ability cards are one-shot effects that deal damage, exhaust units, draw cards… These are your utility cards, your combo cards, your support cards.

Ambush cards are secretly placed on the battleground. They have a condition which will, when met, trigger the ambush, after which it’s sent to the graveyard. Ambushes can only trigger when it’s not your turn.

Special attacks are modifiers for your Avatar’s attacks. Once played, they replace your Avatar’s basic attack and stay on your Avatar until it attacks, or if you play another special attack. These can modify your Avatar with a more powerful attack, add additional benefits or utility to it. It is important to distinguish these from basic attacks. Basic attacks are considered attacks that aren’t modified with a special attack, and some cards might empower your basic attacks and not attacks empowered by special attacks.

Energy cards offer a lot of utility, especially since they can be combined with playing units the same turn. Just be careful when managing your energy, as it is the same resource used by your Avatar to perform attacks and use their skill.

There are some traces of scripture here I simply cannot identify. But the rest further seems to be some personal stories, a brief history of the world or something of the sorts.