Dev blog #5 2v2 Game Mode

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Two Avatars, fighting side-by-side. Two forces of nature facing against two other. These battles must have been an incredible sight.

Phageborn offers its own 2v2 game mode. In this mode, two players will each have their own avatar, their own decks, and their own resources, but share the same board and core health. Pair up with a friend or match with a random player.

There are no significant rule changes in 2v2. You can still play units in any zone, you can move your Avatar and units the same way, but all restrictions are still the same as in 1v1, which includes the amount of units that can be present in each zone.

This mode offers various interactions, combos, strategies and synergies not possible in 1v1, giving a completely new and unique gameplay experience. You can play roles, with one player focusing on offense with the other player supporting them with healing and defensive abilities, skills and units. Combine different playstyles and strategies to cover more ground, or have both players focus on the same one. Brew new decks that wouldn’t work as well in 1v1 with a friend, develop new strategies, execute powerful combos and synergies. Be prepared, because double the players brings double the fun and mayhem.

Having 4 players in a game, however, brings a plethora of potential communication issues. There is a number of planned quality of life adjustments and systems meant to reduce information overload and to simplify gameplay while preserving the experience.

One of these systems is the priority shifting system. With this, each player will have their own time to play cards and perform actions before passing the priority to their ally. Priority has its own timer in order to prevent people stealing the whole turn for themselves. It can be passed any number of times during a turn. The turn has its own timer, extended for this game mode. Ending the turn wont end the turn for your ally, it will just pass the priority to them. Both players have to end the turn in order to, well, end the turn.

To simplify things further, at the start of the game a player will be chosen at random to be the „primary“ player. This is used to determine who will have the first priority each turn, as well as determining ownership. Ownership will be displayed on units and it has no function other than showing who owns which unit on the board.

Good communication is also important in this mode. While it’s your ally’s priority, you can ping cards and units, and even suggest possible plays by drawing targeting lines. Text chat is an option, with voice-chat being a planned feature as well.

2v2 will, of course, have its own separate ranking system and que. Grab a friend, or meet a new one, and embrace the madness!

Unlikely alliances, unorthodox strategies… These Avatars were truly something else. I am most curious to learn a bit more about their arsenal. Luckily, the next passage seems to be just the thing I seek…