Dev blog #4 Twin Zone Battleground

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Mastering the control of two resources must have been a grueling task for these mighty Avatars. But this wasn’t the only thing they had to split their focus on. Battles were led on two zones, and there is something here about some legendary tactics developed.

The field of battle is divided into two zones, with each player’s core in the middle. You can play your units in one of the two zones, and a large portion of interactions are handled locally, meaning in only one of the two zones. The core, being in the middle, is always treated as being a local target. Both units and avatars can relocate freely, once per turn, between zones.

Units fight other local units. Avatars can attack local avatars and units. Avatars can also mostly affect local targets with their skills and abilities. This opens up a wide variety of strategic options.

Putting all of your units in one zone will give you a lot of potential focused damage, making it harder for the opponent to block it all. This, however, is the equivalent of putting all of your eggs in one basket, making your army vulnerable to area of effect abilities and effects. Your opponent will also have an easier time applying pressure from the other zone.

Use this to your advantage! You can make the opponent think you’re focusing on one zone, and when they spend some time and resources setting up to stop your strategy, switch things up by relocating your units, attacking from another angle or luring the enemy army into a trap.

Spreading your army thin across the two zones will allow you greater flexibility to set up and respond to threats. Needless to say, this also reduces your potential damage output.

Fine balance or all-in focus, every strategy has its strengths and weaknesses. The battlefield is always changing, and you will have to adapt your strategies every time in order to maximize your chances for victory.

Incredible. Two resources, two battleground zones… These Avatars sure had their work cut out for them. Hold on… What’s this? This passage suggests that these Avatars would sometimes team up, fighting together against an enemy team of two avatars. Two versus two.