Dev blog #2 Avatar Playstyles

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Finally, another portion of text has been fully deciphered. Lets take a look at what one can expect when commanding these powerful Avatars.

Each faction in Phageborn has multiple unique Avatars, each offering their own take on the various faction playstyles. The Avatar’s skill is a good indicator of the kind of playstyle you can expect from the Avatar, but you aren’t locked into that playstyle. With clever ability and unit combinations, each Avatar can offer multiple ways to play. But there are a few archetypes you can expect.

There are Avatars that act as leaders. These have offensive and defensive abilities and perks centered around your units, allowing them to drain every point of value they can from every unit you play. These decks are more centered around units by protecting them, supporting them, or using your skill to maximize their potential.

On the other hand, you can turn your Avatar into an unstoppable warrior, with skills and perks that give him more sustainability to stay in the fight longer. This allows your units to make more favorable trades, giving you a meaningful board advantage. By including Avatar-supporting units, you can turn your Avatar into a fearless fighter, regularly attacking large foes other Avatars would never dare to even look at.

If attacking isn’t really your thing, there are caster avatars that focus primarily on their unique skill. Their perks can even completely change the way their skill works, giving them more situational adaptability and versatility, maybe even a sudden change in playstyle mid-combat. You can expect heavy ability support with fewer units than others, and maybe even a combo finisher.

If you dislike enemies having too many options, limit them by eliminating their Avatars with the help of Avatar assassins. These Avatars have skills and perks that allow them to get up close and personal with enemy Avatars more easily, and they can defeat Avatars multiple times in a single game if the enemy underestimates them. Another unique aspect of these Avatars is that their attacks have permanent passive effects that increase their damage specifically against Avatars. They usually invest a larger part of their resources into creating opportunities for them to get in and finish off Avatars. This leaves them more vulnerable on the board, but the bonuses granted from defeating an Avatar can more than make up for this.

And then there are the odd ones. Avatars that don’t really fit any of these archetypes. Specialists that have different, more narrow skills. Not much can be said about such Avatars. Their limited set of skills and perks will be the ultimate test of your deck construction creativity.

Interesting. So Avatars bring even more diversity to a faction’s playstyle. And the inscription continues on, mentioning a dual resource system. I must investigate this further…