Dev blog #1 The Avatars

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Greetings, children of Issilith

This ancient inscription tells the tale of the Avatars – brave warriors that have risen through the ranks and who command authority to their armies through experience in battle and whose heroic exploits instill fear in the hearts of their enemies. Inspect them carefully so that one day you will crush your enemies and send them to the void from whence they came.

The Avatars are, in short, the player’s incarnation of a general the leads the armies within the deck that the player creates. At the start of the deck-building process, the player chooses one of three factions – Drakkorith, Oblivion or Vestige, each with it’s own collection of Avatars. Each Avatar has his own fleshed out backtory, various unlockable and customazible skin sets and is fully 3D modelled and voiced.

Each Avatar has it’s own unique playstyle and synergy with the deck the player had assembled. However, playing the same deck with different Avatars will require a completely different strategy and approach in order to be victorious on the battlefield.

The Avatar can attack, use various abilities and even has his own unique skill that can be used in combat which further builds on the synergy you created between the deck and the Avatar of the player’s choice. Each Avatar has his own talent tree where new buffs and bonuses can be unlocked in order to adapt to the strategy of the enemy Avatar or to strenghten his own position and build on his own battle plan.

In addition to the playstyle of the Avatar and the synergy it has with the deck, positioning of the Avatar is also of great importance in securing victory against your foes. Since Phageborn features a dual battleground system (more on which we’ll refer to in the coming blog posts) most abilities are resolved in the zone in which the Avatar is positioned.

Avatars can be subdued in battle, so it’s important to have units in the same zone who will protect them because your opponents can directly attack the Avatar only if the zone is cleared of the player’s units. If the Avatar manages to get subdued, he’s unavailable for an entire turn which will render the player unable to cast the Avatar’s special skills or entirely use ability cards.

Avatars, like units, are able to attack but the ruling is a little different for them, for they must pay an energy cost in order to initiate the attack. If the Avatar attacks an enemy unit, he will receive retaliation damage which could easily drain his life points.  If the player manages to subdue the enemy Avatar with his own, this will grant him a unique and special bonus that easily turn the tide of the battle.

In the 2v2 mode (which we’ll also cover more extensively in our later blogs) Avatars can create various synergies with themselves. For instance, one player can specialize his Avatar to attack enemy units and lose a lot of health in the process while his teammate can play the healer and support him by keeping him alive.

The inscription stopped there. It continues in a different dialect that is hard to comprehend. It will take seven suns to decypher the rest of the text, but at a glance it looks like it refers to Avatar playstyles…

Disclaimer: All assets are a work in progress and will be subject to change