Phageborn factions

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The story of Phageborn online card game covers only a part of the larger story arc of the Phageborn universe.

It begins with the arrival of the mysterious Visitor who came to the devastated realm of Issilith in order to find out the cause of the apocalypse.
The lore of Phageborn online card game is based on events that transpired during the war of the five factions, which ultimately decided the fate of the Phageborn baby.

This post will give you some details about these five factions, which might help you to pick the one that suits you the best when choosing your avatar. We will be posting more lore soon, so make sure to keep an eye on our future posts to learn more about the Phageborn story.


A proud race of zealous warriors led by the noble king Tyberiuth. They take pride in their superior military tactics, raw physical strenght, and their unity.Drakkorith warriors are unquestionably loyal to their King and their Trinity Dragon Gods.With the birth of their new prince, new forces have awakened that will soon descend upon their world. The Drakkorith Empire, which has stood uncontested for centuries, is now facing their greatest threat yet!

  • Agenda: Protect the King’s newborn son, the Phageborn, at all costs, and ensure the survival of the Drakkorith Empire
  • Strengths: Melee combat, art of war, unflinching courage and unity


Powerful beings that came from the Void- a separate dimension supposed to be completely devoid of all life. They hunt and devour their prey in order to grow and evolve, to become stronger.

The hordes of Oblivion are led by their Primes, extremely intelligent beings with massive telekinetic potential and incredible otherworldly abilities.

These Primes are also responsible for creating cracks in reality that allowed their hordes to pour out of the Void. They seek to devour the Phageborn so they can ascend into beings of incomprehensible power.

  • Agenda: Devour the Phageborn to evolve into the ultimate being
  • Strengths: Telekinesis, mind control, mimicry, overwhelming numbers


When the Divine Celestials became aspects of death, Earth fell and the Corruption was born. The entire human race was slaughtered without even being given a fighting chance. A small portion of humans were chosen to be reincarnated as Harbingers to serve the Corruption by leading an army of horrors, becoming the agents of apocalypse, relentlessly spreading death and destruction.

If they get their hands on the Phageborn child and corrupt its mind, one could not even begin to imagine what would happen to this world, or this universe.

  • Agenda: Corrupt the mind of the young Phageborn to make him the almighty dark prince who will spread death across the universe
  • Strengths: Brute strength, flesh-shaping, necromancy, relentlessness


When Earth was facing the Great Apocalypse, Ascended were just regular humans facing certain death at the hands of the Fallen Celestials. Only a handful of humans were saved by the Celestial of Balance, the only divine protector that was, somehow, unaffected by the curse of Corruption.

These humans, bestowed with life and spiritual power by the Celestial, became restless warriors of vengeance that swore to stop and eradicate the Corruption wherever it may be, to prevent any other civilization from ever falling under their horrors!

  • Agenda: Protect the life of the Phageborn, so that he may become the ultimate weapon against all evil
  • Strengths: Unbreakable spirit, defensive abilities, spiritual energy


The ageless witches of Vestige, protectors and preservers of Issilith’s nature, have been in a deep sleep for a long time. Now, with the reincarnation of the primordial God of Apocalypse- the Phageborn, they once again wake from their slumber to protect their world.But, with the birth of the Phageborn, the influence of evil spirits grew and became so powerful that they even affected the minds of the Vestige witches. Their nature magic became dark, their healing abilities became poison, and the beautiful flora and fauna became terrifying horrors.In order to save their world from falling victim to the spreading decay, they must sacrifice the newborn son of their former ally, the Drakkorith king Tyberiuth.

  • Agenda: Sacrifice the Phageborn in order to prevent their world of Issilith from completely perishing
  • Strengths: Dark nature magic, poison, charming spells

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